Successful Sea Trial of 114,000-ton Aframax product oil tanker H1514


In the first week of december, the 114,000-ton Aframax product tanker H1514 built by the company for the Greek ENESEL SA company successfully completed its sea trial and berthed at the company's Pier 2. The heads of relevant departments were present to welcome the triumphant voyage trial team.

The H1514 ship is the third ship built by the company for ENESEL SA. The project team and various departments actively implemented the completion state trial goals required by the company. Before the trial, they completed the dock mooring test and explosion-proof, lighting, fire-fighting and life-saving inspection projects. . Adhere to the process control of modification orders and opinions and actively respond to the "Four Zeros" requirements, carefully summarize the experience and lessons of previous ships, and complete nearly 300 design optimization and improvements.

It is worth mentioning that for the first time, the ship completed all pre-sand washing and special coating of the cargo oil tank of a product oil tanker in the dock, as well as the main sand washing and paint spraying operations of two pairs of cargo oil tanks. Based on many working mechanisms such as experience summarization and process forwarding, the terminal cycle was 56 days to start the trial, which was more than 20 days shorter than the previous ship.

During the trial, the trial project team overcame the adverse effects of weather and sea conditions, flexibly adjusted the trial plan, and successfully completed all trial projects such as the cabin strength test, main engine durability test, and EEDI speed test within 8 days, further shortening the trial period and improving the ship's performance. All indicators meet the design requirements. It is reported that the construction status and quality improvement of the H1514 ship have been recognized and praised by shipowners and classification societies many times.

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