100% ECO Delivery : Maersk helps Europris to reduce GHG emissions significantly


Oslo/Copenhagen - Europris has choosen Maersk’s ECO Delivery product to significantly reduce GHG emissions from seaborne logistics. Europris is the leading retail company in Norway with more than 280 supermarkets and one of the largest importers of containerized goods from Asia into the country. Maersk and Europris have a long-standing partnership in end-to-end logistics.

With ECO Delivery Ocean, Maersk offers its customers the opportunity to handle transports completely with certified green fuels* for a fixed cost. The corresponding greenhouse gas savings are confirmed to the customers with a certificate and these transports will be exempted from EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) charges by Maersk in the future.

Europris is among the first customers that is shipping 100% of its cargo under Maersk care with ECO Delivery. It is very exciting to see more and more of our customers going 100% in to reduce their emissions from seaborne transports instantly and without any compromises

Birna Odefors

Managing Director of Maersk’s Area Nordics

The reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions is an important strategic goal for our company. The cooperation with partners that seek modern solutions and opportunities are therefore imperative for achieving our ambitions

Pål-Christian Andersen

Logistics Director at Europris

Europris aims to reduce its CO2 emissions in line with the Paris Agreement and the 1.5°C target. The Norwegian company is working towards zero emissions by 2050. Decarbonising logistics is a key area to achieve a fast and efficent reduction of emissions. Europris is decreasing its GHG emissions from ocean transports with ECO Delivery by more than 80% or in concrete figures over 3,270 tons CO2e in 2023 and another estimated 6,250 tons CO2e in 2024. This is made possible by replacing fossil fuels on Maersk ships with second generation biodiesel or bio-methanol based on waste feedstocks.

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