Moen Marin and SES-X Marine Technologies enter into a collaboration on electric high-speed personnel transport boats with a record long range


Moen Marin and SES-X enter into a long-term collaboration to develop electric personnel transport boats for the aquaculture market both in Norway and internationally.

The collaboration has been entered into to meet the demand for energy-efficient fast-moving zero-emission boats in the aquaculture segment, which is expected to increase in the coming years. Moen Marin already has extensive experience in delivering electric and hybrid vessels to the industry, and since 2019 has contracted around 70 hybrid vessels with hybrid propulsion. SES-X has for several years focused on the development of technology for planing electric boats with high performance. 

'For us, this is a very exciting collaboration that opens the way for the electrification of new relevant segments, where personnel transport is first and foremost", says Terje Andreassen, general manager of Moen Marin.

Terje Andreassen, general manager Moen Marin. (Photo: Steve Hernes)

– ​​The focus is on sustainability and the environment in the industry. Propulsion technology with batteries and electric motors is well proven, the most important factor in being able to deliver long range on electric vessels is an efficient hull technology and an effective design. We are now looking forward to bringing future electric solutions for fast-moving vessels to the market, says Andreassen, who has a goal of having the first boat on the water during autumn 2023.

The vessel that has now been developed is initially designed to carry 6-10 passengers. The vessel is 100 percent electric and, at a service speed of 20 knots, has a range of up to 40 nautical miles.

The boats are designed with SES-X's unique airbag hull and are equipped with a control system that regulates the system and optimizes energy consumption at all times. The SES-X technology significantly reduces energy consumption at high speed compared to conventional hull designs. In addition, we see clear advantages such as strong maneuvering characteristics, good sea characteristics and reduced wave generation. The platform architecture is robust and scalable for boats from six meters to 30 metres. It is optimized for electric vessels, and the advanced control system ensures the highest energy efficiency in its class.

"Personnel transport boats are highly relevant for electrification and we are already working with several potential buyers to understand the needs in the market. SES-X delivers a technology platform and thus has a high degree of flexibility in what we can offer customers when it comes to vessel sizes, payload and longer range. We are really looking forward to this collaboration with Moen Marin and believe there is great potential in the electrification of vessels for the aquaculture industry", says CEO of SES-X Marine Technologies, Carl Rehn.

Carl Rehn

SES-X is a rapidly growing maritime technology company with headquarters in Oslo. SES-X has developed a unique air cushion technology for planing boats. The technology is the result of several decades of research and development. Air cushion technology works by pumping air between the hull and the water, which reduces the boat's resistance in water. The technology has the potential to reduce the energy consumption of planing boats by up to 50 percent compared to conventional hulls. Improving energy efficiency is essential to enable long-range, high-speed electric boats.

Moen Marin is the world's largest supplier of work vessels to the aquaculture industry and in the last ten years has delivered over 250 work vessels to the fisheries and aquaculture industry in Norway and abroad. Moen Marin also offers equipment from SkaMik, Mekon as well as hybrid retrofit solutions for all types of vessels.

The company's strategy is to lead the way in the sustainable development of fisheries and the aquaculture industry, which has led Moen Marin to go from delivering its first two hybrid vessels in 2019 to standardizing on hybrid propulsion for all vessels in January 2022. The company's digital investment has grown in step with the green shift with the rollout of the mLink platform.

With Moen Marin's mix of products and services, the goal is to be one of the world's leading suppliers to the aquaculture industry. The company's headquarters are in Trondheim, with branch offices in Rørvik and Bergen.

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