Bergen Engines announced the approval of its methanol-ready statement for marine engines by DNV


Bergen Engines, a leading manufacturer of medium-speed engines and generating sets, announced the approval of its methanol-ready statement for marine engines by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), the globally renowned maritime classification society.

Methanol, a versatile and sustainable fuel when produced from renewables, offers numerous advantages for Bergen medium-speed engines. Its efficient combustion properties reduce emissions and contribute to enhanced engine performance – just one of the ways Bergen Engines is working towards a sustainable future.

“We are proud to announce the approval of our methanol-ready notation by DNV,” said Jon Erik Røv, Managing Director of Bergen Engines. “This achievement highlights our dedication to providing sustainable solutions to address the evolving needs of our customers and the environment. With methanol, we can offer a cleaner alternative to ship owners that aligns with our mission to drive positive change in the industry.”

In addition to methanol, research is underway for other alternative fuels for Bergen Engines. Building upon its success in hydrogen blending, the company aims to develop a 100% hydrogen-fueled engine by the end of this year. Simultaneously, ongoing research continues to assess the feasibility of utilizing ammonia as a primary fuel source, further expanding their green solutions portfolio for land and marine-based applications.

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