Klaveness Digital announces new partnership with Quezon Power (Philippines), Limited Co. (QPL) and San Buenaventura Power Ltd. Co. (SBPL), to integrate CargoValue' logistics and supply chain management capabilities


Klaveness Digital announces new partnership with Quezon Power (Philippines), Limited Co. (QPL) and San Buenaventura Power Ltd. Co. (SBPL), prominent players in the energy sector, to integrate CargoValue' logistics and supply chain management capabilities. This collaboration is a step towards simplifying their maritime logistics operations and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

QPL and SBPL are undertaking significant enhancement of their logistics model to optimize cost-efficiency and operational autonomy in their maritime transactions. This approach is expected to introduce a new phase of logistics operations, highlighting their commitment to innovation and improved supply chain management. 

Reducing manual work and reallocating time to value-added tasks 

CargoValue is set to change their approach to maritime logistics by digitalizing their supply chain, creating a single source of truth. This transformation aims to reduce manual work and reallocate time to value-added tasks, improve communication between remote teams, and expedite decision-making processes, especially in urgent scenarios that require swift response or action. 

Identifying opportunities quickly 

"CargoValue will play a critical role in identifying opportunities quickly, mitigating risks proactively, especially in cases of delays and the resulting domino effect it has on current plans. The visibility and intelligence CargoValue provide, allows them to manage inventory and their lineup more efficiently”, said Aladdy Choo, Customer Success Consultant at Klaveness Digital.  

"We are excited to see how this partnership evolves," added Frank Thiel, General Manager at QPL and Managing Director at SBPL. "Working with Klaveness Digital aligns with our long-term strategy to enhance our maritime logistics, and we're optimistic about the positive changes CargoValue will bring to our planning and logistics processes”. 

This partnership represents a strategic move by QPL and SBPL as part of their broader goal to simplify their maritime logistics operations and enhance overall operational efficiency. 

About Quezon Power  

Quezon Power is a leading energy company in the Philippines with a focus on delivering efficient and reliable power solutions. Their commitment to operational excellence and innovation has positioned them as a key player in the energy sector.  

About Klaveness Digital and CargoValue  

Klaveness Digital, a Norwegian technology company, is committed to transforming how industrial companies manage their maritime supply chains. CargoValue, their flagship SaaS solution, offers innovative tools for logistics optimization and supply chain resilience, helping businesses to enhance efficiency and make informed decisions. 

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