COSCO SHIPPING Strikes Deal for Construction of Two 325,000-DWT Methanol-Powered Dual-Fuel Mineral Ore Carriers


COSCO SHIPPING Bulk entered into a contract with COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry Yangzhou to construct two 325,000-DWT methanol dual-fuel powered large ore carriers, marking another significant milestone in the green, low-carbon, and intelligent transformation of their fleet.

As per the agreement, the first vessel of this category is scheduled for delivery and operational deployment in the fourth quarter of 2026, making it the world’s first large methanol dual-fuel ore carrier to be operationally deployed.

Under the continuous promotion of the group’s joint innovation studio, COSCO SHIPPING Bulk and COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry have jointly developed this ship type that is currently the world’s largest and most advanced methanol dual-fuel ore carrier. This vessel boasts high technical content and exceptional green environmental performance.

The ship measures 339.9 meters in length, 62 meters in width, and 30 meters in depth with a design draft of 21.25 meters. It features a main engine that meets Tier III emissions standards and is equipped with a high-power shaft generator, desulfurization tower, and various high-efficiency energy-saving devices. Designed for large capacity, it is capable of handling the loading of bauxite, iron ore, and other goods of varying densities.

At the outset of its design, this ship type takes into account actual usage needs and thoroughly considers the requirements of different stages of CII. Innovatively, it proposes a methanol dual-purpose tank design scheme that allows for flexible compliance with carbon emission indicators across various stages.

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